Urfi Javed’s video: Urfi Javed was seen in loose clothing, right in the face of the entire world, and people laughed at the actor and told him he was trembling.

Urfi Javed’s Angry Video: Recently, a video of Urfi Javed was released, in which she looks depressed. The actress was seen dressed in a sloppy outfit. However, she became angry when she received the message.

Urfi Javed, Angry On Paparazzi: Urfi Javed always appears in the news for one reason or another. Social media phenomenon Urfi Javed is well-known for her distinct fashion sense. Urfi Javed has earned a spot in this fashion sense. Urfi wears every outfit with absolute confidence.

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Everyone from commoners to Bollywood celebrities is also conscious of his style. However, most people aren’t happy with her attire and comment that something similar has occurred recently, resulting in the actress being angry at the paparazzi.

He told the paparazzi that I value you, and that’s why you’re saying that in the back. Let us know what’s going on.

I couldn’t tolerate commenting about clothes

Urfi Javed occasionally gets furious at the paparazzi and screams that you are all commenting on my attire. I am respectful of you, but as a result, you say things like this.

The actress has stated in the video that photographers have made comments about the appearance of the actress on the show Jhalak Dikha Jaa that she was wearing clothes similar to the ones she wore in the show.

The actress has stated that if you are required to critique clothes, don’t make comments about your clothes on my sisters or the mother of your home.

Ranveer has praised Ranveer Singh

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has also praised his dressing fashion sense, Urfi Javed. The actor was quoted in the TV show Koffee along with Karan that he was impressed by the fashion sense of Urfi. Karan Johar, as well as Alia Bhatt, believed they were joking.

The actor then said that she would never wear her clothes in the future and her clothes are different.

Active alias on social media

Urfi Javed is highly involved in social media. She is constantly sharing beautiful pictures, along with videos, on Instagram. His daring and sexy profile is well-loved by social networks.

We can assure you that fans eagerly await the new style that will be the new look of Urfi Javed.

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