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02. Road Transport and Highway Ministry announced to scrap all government vehicles older than how many years?


[B] India

[C] Russia

[D] China

Correct Answer: B [India]

Notes: India notified Pakistan to modify the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) in 1960 due to the inflexibility of Islamabad on the treaty’s implementation.

The notice was communicated through the respective commissioners of Indus waters. India and Pakistan agreed to the treaty in 1960, after nine years of negotiations and India being the World Bank signatory of the agreement.

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02. Road Transport and Highway Ministry announced to scrap all government vehicles older than how many years?

[A] 10

[B] 15

[C] 20

[D] 25

Correct Answer: B [15]

Notes: Union Ministry of Road and Transport Nitin Gadkari announced on April 1 that all government-owned vehicles with a lifespan of fewer than 15 years would be scrapped.

In addition to the program, more than 9 lakh vehicles are owned by the state and central government, transport companies, and public sector enterprises. Brand-new vehicles powered by alternative fuels will be replaced. Ct.

03. Which city is the host of the 15th BRICS summit 2023?

[A] New Delhi

[B] Durban

[C] Beijing

[D] Moscow

Correct Answer: B [Durban]

Notes: The fifteenth BRICS summit will be held in the latter part of august in the South African city of Durban. This announcement came from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei in Eritrea.

In 2013 the 5th each year BRICS Summit was hosted in Durban, South Africa. BRICS was founded in the year 2006. In April of 2011, South Africa participated in the 3rd BRICS Summit for the very first time.

04. Which company has launched the first Made-in-India helmet to meet Europe’s ECE 22.06 standard

[A] Vega

[B] Steelbird

[C] Studds

[D] Royal Enfield

Correct Answer: B [Steelbird]

Notes: Steelbird has introduced a brand new IGN-7 helmet that meets ECE 22.06 European certification for the first time. It is also the first helmet made in India to be awarded triple homologation since it is conforming the DOT FMVSS noy 218 for the US market and India’s BIS standard for safety.

05 .What is the theme of the ‘International Holocaust Remembrance Day’?

[A] 24 January

[B] 27 January

[C] 30 January

[D] 2 February

Correct Answer: B [27 January]

Notes: On the 27th of January, the world community is united to celebrate the International Holocaust Day of Remembrance. Day. The theme for this year’s commemoration will be “Home and Belonging,” which focuses on the humanity of Holocaust survivors and victims. The theme of this Day was decided as a result of the United Nations General Assembly to commemorate the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp in 1945.

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